Commission for art-science project

A year ago, I crossed paths with brilliant London-based photographer Marysa Dowling and fellow UCL neuroscientist Liam Browne. The three of us began a dialogue exploring the contrasts and connections between artistic and scientific processes.

Today our art exhibition opened in London.

Over an otherwise tumultuous year marked by personal and professional upheaval, our trio steadily blossomed and evolved in a shared spirit of curiosity and fearless discovery. Our collaboration was awarded a major commission from the UCL Trellis Public Art programme.

« Patterns of Connection » is an art-science-community project, co-created in partnership with the wonderful women and children from Shpresa Programme – an East London-based charity that supports and celebrates the contributions of Albanian refugees and migrants to UK society. Over several joyful events with the community we played with sound, vision and touch, and experimented with using our different senses to connect with each other and the world. You can get a glimpse behind the scenes here!

Our collaborative artwork captures the elusive yet universal nature of nonverbal communication between each other, and across generations from both biological and chosen families. It will be on display from 29th April to 8th May at The Art Pavilion in Mile End Park, alongside other works amplifying the voices of often silenced East London communities. The exhibition is open daily 11am-6pm and housed in a gorgeous setting.

Go visit if you can – it makes for a joyful and revelatory experience, and is free and open to all!