Featured in the Women in Experimental Psychology series

As part of their celebrations around International Women’s Day 2017, the UCL Department of Experimental Psychology has developed a one-week blog series featuring some of their female researchers. I’m proud and very honoured to join this fabulous line-up of women scientists! Read my interview here, and make sure to catch up on the thoughts of my wonderful colleagues on the EP blog.

Last but not least…

… guest lecture this semester (?). I’m contributing to the Neural Basis of Perception, Memory and Language BSc course, and will give an overview of central and cortical auditory processing that builds on Stuart Rosen’s Basics of Hearing from last week!

Teaching more auditory stuff…

…  to MSc students at Birkbeck tomorrow.

For further proof that the auditory system is delightfully entertaining, meet the dancing hair cell – it amplifies sounds in the cochlea by transforming sound-driven electrical signals into mechanical shape changes.

Update: To give credit where credit is due, the video above was made by Jonathan Ashmore at UCL. He tells here about the story of this video, shot in his lab in the late eighties!