Currently looking for students!

Are you interested in the acoustics and neuroscience of mouse songs and looking for an MSc project or lab immersion semester? I am always looking for highly motivated students from neuroscience, biomedical engineering and related fields – please get in touch with your CV, skills and interests.


Arya Bhomick, BSc Psychology, UCL


Jennifer Linden, Professor of Neuroscience at UCL Ear Institute, UK

Caswell Barry, Wellcome Senior Fellow at UCL Biosciences, UK

Christopher I. Petkov, Professor of Comparative Neuropsychology at Newcastle University, UK

Tania Barkat, Assistant professor of Neurophysiology and head of Brain and Sound Lab at Basel University, Switzerland

Past students

MSc theses

– Shanice Bailey, Neuroscience MSc thesis, UCL, now Research assistant at University of Cambridge, UK

– Colombine Verzat, Bioengineering MSc thesis, EPFL, now pursuing an MSc in Artificial Intelligence at Idiap Research Institute, Switzerland

Research associate

Margaux Silvestre, Research associate, now PhD student at The Crick Institute, UK

Undergraduate project

Michael Clements, Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Undergraduate Project Scholar/BSc Neuroscience, UCL