Undergraduate teaching

2017     Central and cortical auditory processing in “Neural Basis of Perception, Memory and Language” course, BSc Psychology and Language Science, UCL

Central auditory pathway and Neural coding of complex sounds in “Perception and Action” course, BSc Psychology, UCL
The neural substrates of social communication in nonhuman animals, joint lecture in “Brain and Behaviour” course, BSc Psychology, UCL

Postgraduate teaching

Research methods: electrophysiology in nonhuman animals, joint lecture in “Brain and Mind”, MSc Psychological Sciences, UCL
– The auditory system in “Structure and Measurements of the Human Brain”, MSc Cognitive Neuroscience, Birkbeck

2016     Journal club seminar, MSc in Neuroscience, UCL

Continuing Education

2017     The auditory system in “Memory, Language and Perception”, Certificate in Cognitive Psychology, Institute of Continuing Education/University of Cambridge