DeepInsight collaboration

Some of my first neuronal recordings from the auditory cortex of an awake behaving mouse feature in an preprint unveiled in December 2019!

In this joint venture between the labs of Caswell Barry and Christian Doeller, lead author Markus Frey developed DeepInsight, a decoding framework for discovering and characterising the neural correlates of behaviour and stimuli in unprocessed biological data. This deep-learning tool is able to decode sensory and behavioural variables from both electrophysiological and calcium imaging data, in different behavioural situations, brain regions, and species. Importantly, it runs on raw data, and as such makes minimal assumptions on which frequency component(s) of the broadband recorded signal carry information. This means that once trained, the network can be interrogated to guide the discovery of novel neural representations!

This was such an exciting project to contribute some of my neuronal data to. And, as always, scientific discussions with researchers from a slightly different area of the wide neuroscience landscape was a great learning opportunity and eye-opener.