Preprints (manuscripts under revision)

Perrodin C., Verzat C., Bendor D. (2020) Courtship behaviour reveals temporal regularity is a critical social cue in mouse communication. BioRxiv. pdf
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Journal articles

Frey M.*, Tanni S.*, Perrodin C., O’Leary A., Nau M., Kelly J., Banino A., Bendor D., Lefort J., Doeller C.F., Barry C. (2021). Interpreting wide-band neural activity using convolutional neural networks. eLife 10: e66551. pdf
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Matusz P., Dikker S., Huth A., Perrodin C. (2019). Are we ready for real-world neuroscience? Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 31(3): 327-338. pdf

Perrodin C., Kayser C., Abel T., Logothetis N.K. and Petkov C.I. (2015) Who is that? Brain networks and mechanisms for identifying individuals. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 19(12): 783-796. pdf

Perrodin C., Kayser C., Logothetis N.K. and Petkov C.I. (2015) Natural asynchronies in audiovisual communication signals regulate neuronal multisensory interactions in voice-sensitive cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112(1): 273-278. pdf

Perrodin C., Kayser C., Logothetis N.K. and Petkov C.I. (2014) Auditory and visual modulation of temporal lobe neurons in voice-sensitive and association cortices. The Journal of Neuroscience 34(7): 2524-2537. pdf

Perrodin C., Kayser C., Logothetis N.K. and Petkov C.I. (2011) Voice cells in the primate temporal lobe. Current Biology 21(16): 1408-1415. pdf
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Rinaldi T., Perrodin C. and Markram H. (2008) Hyper-connectivity and hyper-plasticity in the medial prefrontal cortex in the valproic acid animal model of autism. Frontiers in Neural Circuits 2(4): 1-7. pdf

Invited book chapters

Perrodin C. and Petkov C.I. (2019) Combining voice and face content in the primate temporal lobe. In: Lee A.K.C., Wallace M.T. Coffin A.B., Popper A.N and Fay R.R. Multisensory Processes: The Auditory Perspective. Springer Handbook of Auditory Research series 68 (pp. 177-199). ISBN 978-3-030-10461-0. pdf

Perrodin C. and Petkov C.I. (2018) Voice sensitive regions, neurons and multisensory pathways in the primate brain. In: Frueholz S. and Belin P. The Oxford Handbook of Voice PerceptionOxford University Press (pp. 337-362). ISBN: 9780198743187. pdf

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