Invited Seminars (selected – since 2013)


– Centre for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar, University College London
– National Institute of Mental Health, USA
– NeuroWebinar, Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi, University of Torino, IT
– BEACON Seminar, University of Oxford
– NCCR Evolving Language Seminar, University of Geneva, CH


– Leon-Levy Neuroscience Seminar Series, Rockefeller University, USA
– Sainsbury Wellcome Center, London, UK 
– UCL Ear Institute, UK

2019        Sussex Neuroscience Seminar Series, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, UK

2018        University of Tuebingen, Germany

2017          University of California Berkeley, USA


– Neurobiology Seminar, University of Tuebingen, Germany
– Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, USA
– Laboratory for Investigative Neurophysiology, CHUV/University of Lausanne, Switzerland
– Synapses and Circuits Seminar, EPFL, Switzerland
– Neurobiology Seminar, Fribourg University, Switerland
– Biotech Campus, Geneva University, Switzerland
– Queen Mary University of London, UK
– Departmental talk, Experimental Psychology, UCL


– Pharmazentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
– The University of Tokyo, Japan
– Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience, UCL, UK

2013         Laboratory for Integrative Neural Systems, Riken BSI, Japan


Invited Conference Participations (talks)

2021          19th National Congress of the Italian Society for Neuroscience (online)


– Neuromatch 3.0 (watch here)
– Summer Symposium, Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel

– NeuroPSI Talents Day, Institut des Neurosciences Paris Saclay (planned for 12th of June; cancelled on 20th April due to COVID-19))
– Gordon Research Conference on Neural Mechanisms of Acoustic Communication, USA (planned for 19th of July; cancelled on 24th March due to COVID-19; rescheduled for summer 2022)

2018           Tuebingen Neuroscience Alumni Meeting, Germany.


– Gordon Research Seminar on Neuroethology: Behaviour, Evolution and Neurobiology, Switzerland.

Social communication signals as auditory objects: Translational insights from neuronal-level research in nonhuman primates in symposium session “Are we ready for real-world neuroscience?”. Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA


– Co-chair of the ‘Superior Temporal Regions: Slave or Master?’ symposium (with Dr. Antonia Thelen), International Multisensory Research Forum, The Netherlands

– Perrodin C. et al. Auditory and audiovisual specificity for processing communication signals in the temporal lobe. International Multisensory Research Forum, The Netherlands

2011          Perrodin C. et al. Voice cells in the primate temporal lobe. Conference of Junior Neuroscientists of Tuebingen (NeNa 2011), Heiligkreuztal, Germany

– Perrodin C. et al. Visual influences on voice-sensitive neurons. 40th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SFN), San Diego, USA
– Perrodin C. et al. A brain region consisting of neurons with moderate sensitivity for voices. SFN, San Diego, USA

2009          Perrodin C. Visual influences on voice-selective neurons in the anterior superior temporal plane. 10th International Multisensory Research Forum, New York City, USA